Introduction and Features
A Cooperation Protocol was signed between Mirandela Municipality and the former Carrefour-Bragança (Centro de Informação Europeia e Animação Rural de Bragança) in order to launch the Sub Relay of European Information in Mirandela.
Later, the Europe Direct Information Centre in Bragança proceeded with the work already developed.

The Sub Relay uses the facilities of  the local Public Library Sarmento Pimentel. There the local citizen is provided with a comprehensive access to the information on the European Union through several information materials available (books, brochures, leaflets, maps, posters, etc) on a vast number of european issues. The staff will be most willing to answer the citizens queries on the execution of the communitarian policies and programmes.

The available information materials are proved to be much useful for both pupils and students, as well as in the development of professional activities, e.g. Teaching and Education, Vocational Studies, Apprenticeships, Professional Training,  Research and Investigation, among others.

For further information on any subject related to the European Union get in touch with the Sub Relay of European Information in Mirandela or the Europe Direct Information Centre in Bragança.

Antena de Informação Europeia em Mirandela
Postal Address
Biblioteca Municipal Sarmento Pimentel
Avenida João Sarmento Pimentel
5370-326 Mirandela

Drª Carla Cunha
Tel: (+351) 278 203 600
Fax: (+351) 278 265 768

Europe Direct Information Centre in Bragança
Postal Address
Instituto Politécnico de Bragança
Campus Santa Apolónia
Apartado 1172
5301-855 Bragança

Other contacts
Tel: (+351) 273 303 282
Fax: (+351) 273 325 489